Common Car Sense

Keep your car in good running condition. Make sure there's enough petrol to get where you're going and back.

Always roll up the windows and lock car doors, even if you're coming right back. Check inside and out before getting in.

Avoid parking in isolated areas. Be especially alert in parking lots and underground parking garages. If possible, always park in busy, well-lit area.

If you think someone is following you, don't head home. Drive to the nearest police or fire station, or other open business to get help.

Don't pick up hitchhikers. Don't hitchhike.

Never leave the car keys in the car, even for a second. Make sure they are kept in a secure place at home and at work.

Never leave cash, credit cards, chequebook, mobile phones, or valuables in the car.

nstall a good quality alarm system in your car or motor cycle.

Buying A Used Car

Always ask to see proof of the seller's identity and address - an official letter or driving licence, for example.

Make sure the car's Vehicle Identification Number (chassis number) matches that on the registration document.

Never let the seller bring the car to you, as you may need to confirm their address details.

Never buy a car without the registration document.

Check the car's history and second-hand status.

If in doubt, ask some reputable organisation to inspect the car before agreeing to buy.