If you take the precautions outlined below, a thief will quickly see what he is up against and probably look for an easier target. Be aware of the need to protect your home and yourself at all times...

Install good quality locks

Consider installing an intruder alarm system.

Display your house number clearly to enable emergency vehicles to find your house easily.

Never leave notes which a thief could read (to family, friends, etc).

Don't leave keys in "hiding places" around the house for a thief to find. Leave spare keys with a trusted friend.

Keep valuable documents in a bank, with a lawyer, etc.

Don't leave your house keys with your car keys when having your vehicle serviced or when using a parking station.

Never keep large sums of cash or easily stolen valuables, such as jewelry, unprotected in your home. Keep valuables you don't often use in a bank safe deposit box.

Lock all the doors and windows whenever you leave the house, even if it is just to go into the backyard or to the nearby shop.

Before You Go On A Vacation

Tell your neighbour when and where you are going.

Cancel mail, newspaper, milk etc.

Give your neighbour a phone number

Turn telephone sound down.

Lock all doors, close all windows.

Install outside lights and keep them on at night.

Have a neighbour or friend pop round to clear your letterbox.