Deceptive practices that result in financial or other losses for consumers in the course of seemingly legitimate business transactions. Many think that consumer fraud only affects unwitting people who are all too willing to be duped. In truth, even the most savvy customer can fall victim to Fraud. It may be as simple and seemingly innocuous as getting stuck paying a higher rate for a magazine subscription, or it may be as devastating as having one's identity stolen.

How to Protect Yourself Against Consumer Fraud...

Banking and ATM Frauds
Protect your money from scams using your ATM and payment accounts

Credit Card Scams
Protecting your credit from frauds and scams.

Education Frauds
Avoid scholarship and financial aid frauds and scams..

Insurance Fraud
Advice on how to avoid insurance fraud.

Internet Fraud
Web resources to help you report and learn about internet fraud.

Investment Fraud
Avoid investment fraud by being aware of the warning signs.

Phone Scams
How to avoid telephone billing fraud, cramming and slamming.

Stopping Fraud
How to avoid telephone billing fraud, cramming and slamming.

Report Consumer Frauds
Guidance on what to do if you believe that a consumer protection law has been broken or if you believe that you were sold fraudulent or unsafe goods.