• Shri Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi, IPS, C.P. Siliguri PC.


  • Dr. Kunwar Bhushan Singh, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-II (West) SPC

  • Shri Abhishek Gupta, IPS, D.C.P. (Traffic) SPC.

SILIGURI PS CASE NO. 317/22 DATED. 24.03.2022

  • Siliguri PS Case No. 317/22 Dated. 24.03.2022

    Siliguri PS Case No. 317/22 Dated. 24.03.2022 US- 25 (1A) Arms Act.PO- Bagrakote Bus Stand area under Siliguri P.S.Brief: Started instant case on the written complaint of SI Uday Chakroborty of Siliguri PS, SPC to the effect that, on 24.03.22 at 22.15 hrs acting on source information that one veteran criminal namely Sanjoy Hela @ Pathorki of Rana Busty area is roaming at Bagrakote Bus Stand area under Siliguri P.S. with an ulterior motive and is in possession of firearm. Accordingly, he along with other officer and force had been to PO to work out as such information. On arrival as identify by his source, the complainant found that one person was moving suspiciously at Bagrakote Bus Stand area. On seeing police party he try to escape from the place but they apprehended him who disclosed his identity namely Sanjay Hela @ Pathorki (23) S/O Lt. Dhoni Hela of Rana Busty , Ward No-18, PS-Siliguri, Dist-Darjeeling who was with ulterior motive. On search, the complainant recover (i) one improvised one shutter iron made fire arms measuring approx 11.10 inches approx and loaded with one ammunition .On being interrogation he gave incoherent statements, and also failed to produce any valid documents in support of said arms. Accordingly, the complainant seized the same under proper seizure list and arrested the accused person u/s-41Cr.P.C after observing all rules and formalities. Arrest:-01, I.O:- SI Maloy Kr. Roy of Siliguri PS, SPC. Investigation of the case is proceeding.ARRESTED 01 PERSON AND RECOVERED ONE IMPROVISED ONE SHUTTER IRON MADE FIRE ARMS.MEASURING APPROX 11.10 INCHES APPROX AND LOADED WITH ONE AMMUNITION.