• Shri Gaurav Sharma, IPS, C.P. Siliguri PC.

  • Shri Amitava Maity, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ) SPC.

  • Shri Joy Tudu, IPS, D.C.P. (East-I) SPC.

  • Dr. Kunwar Bhushan Singh, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-II (West) SPC

  • Shri Abhishek Gupta, IPS, D.C.P. (Traffic) SPC.

NEW JALPAIGURI PS CASE NO. 706/2021 DTD. 02.07.2021

  • New Jalpaiguri PS Case No. 706/2021 Dtd. 02.07.2021

    New Jalpaiguri PS Case No. 706/2021 Dtd. 02.07.2021 U/S 20 (b) (ii) (C) of N.D.P.S Act. : - Started over the written complaint of SI Samik Paul of new Jalpaiguri PS to the effect that today (02/07/2021 ) acting on a tips of secret source information SI Samik Paul along with other officers and force apprehended 01 (one) person namely Ranjit Paul (43 Yrs) S/o Late Shankar Paul of Michal Madhusudhan Colony , PS – NJP, Dist- Jalpaiguri from Hospital More,NJP and recovered 07 (seven ) packets of suspected ganja containing (i) 5.100Kg,(ii) 2.500 Kg(iii) 3.300 kg (iv) 2.500 Kg (v) 5.100 kg(vi) 5.100 Kg and (vii) 20800 Kg in each packet ( Total 26. 4 kg of suspected ganja) On interrogation in presence of Gazette officer Sri Passang Tpogay Bhutia ,WBPS, ACP – Traffic (West )SPC , as well as independent witnesses , he failed to produce any valid document in support of possessing/procurement of suspected Ganja which were kept inside a gunny bag in his possession with a intention to sale for the purpose of making money illegally . Accordingly, SI Samik Paul seized the same after preparing proper seizure list, label and arrested the above noted persons and informed them regarding the ground of arrest for violating the provision of NDPS Act (.) P.O: Hospital More, NJP, PS- NJP (.) I.O- SI Gautam Laskar , PS- NJP (.) Arrest- 01 (one) (.) Investigation is proceeding (.)