• Shri Gaurav Sharma, IPS, C.P. Siliguri PC.

  • Shri Amitava Maity, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ) SPC.

  • Shri Joy Tudu, IPS, D.C.P. (East-I) SPC.

  • Dr. Kunwar Bhushan Singh, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-II (West) SPC

  • Shri Abhishek Gupta, IPS, D.C.P. (Traffic) SPC.

SILIGURI PS CASE NO 638/21 DATED 21.06.2021

  • Siliguri PS Case No 638/21 dated 21.06.2021

    Siliguri PS Case No 638/21 dated 21.06.2021 u/s- 3/4/5/6/7 The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 .P.O- Rabindra Nagar, Siliguri. Brief: Started instant case on the written complaint Arzina Khatun @ Rashmi Khatun D/O- Abdul Mati of Vill- Natun Usmanpur, Raghunathganj, PS-Jangipur, Dist-Murshidabad to the effect that, the complainant worked in a Bar at Siliguri. At that time she introduced with one Surojit Mandal and his wife Sonali Khatun Mandal, both of Rabindra Nagar, Siliguri. They brought her to their house at Rabindranagar for care of their child. Thereafter the said Surojit Mandal and Sonali Khatun Mandal forcefully compelled her for physical relation with some unknown persons at different places/hotels for their wrongful gain as they take money from those persons. On 21.06.21 the complainant called at PS somehow escaped from them and submitted her complaint at Siliguri PS. Arrest: 02. I.O. Smt. Mumtaz Begam, Inspector of Police, I/C Siliguri Women PS, SPC. Investigation is proceeding.