• Shri Gaurav Sharma, IPS, C.P. Siliguri PC.

  • Shri Amitava Maity, IPS, D.C.P. (HQ) SPC.

  • Shri Joy Tudu, IPS, D.C.P. (East-I) SPC.

  • Dr. Kunwar Bhushan Singh, IPS, D.C.P. Zone-II (West) SPC

  • Shri Abhishek Gupta, IPS, D.C.P. (Traffic) SPC.


  • BHAKTINAGAR PS (ASG OP) CASE NO 352/21, Dated: 03.04.2021

    BHAKTINAGAR PS (ASG OP) CASE NO 352/21, Dated: 03.04.2021 U/S 25(1A)/27/35 Arms Act 1959 (ARMS ACT)Started over the written complaint of SI Swapan Kr Ghosh of Ashighar OP, P.S Bhaktinagar District Jalpaiguri to the effect that on 03.04.2021 at about 20.35 hrs on the source information he along with force detained one vehicle bearing No WB 74 BD-7280 at Jaleswari Bridge, Eastern By pass and further searched inside the vehicle the complainant found one single shooter fire arms measuring 20.9 Cm loaded with one 303 live ammunition marked as 24 UK 90 recovered from the possession of one Subhajit Biswas(25) S/O Ashotosh Biswas of Dakshin Santinagar, PO Dabgram, PS Bhaktinagar, Dist: Jalpaiguri and one Auto Pistol made USA having marking K-65, 0101 total length 20.6 CM loaded with 2 two live ammunition which are marked as KF 7.65 from the possession of one Shambu Das @ Subho S/o Samir Chandra Das of Ghugumali, Niranjan Nagar, PS Bhaktinagar, Dist: Jalpaiguri on being asked by the complainant said accused persons could not produced any valid documents in respect of above noted fire arms and ammunitions [.] Accordingly the complainant seized the above noted improvised fire arms and ammunition along with above noted vehicle under proper seizure list in present of local witness and arrested the above noted two accused persons after explaining the charge against them[.]. IO: SI Pradip Kumar Singha of Ashighar OP. Arrest: 02(two). Investigation: Proceeding [.]